Monday, September 03, 2007

TVG Fantasy Ire

I love fantasy games, I'm really into Fantasy Football (Futbol, or soccer) and have been known to try my hand at hockey and baseball. But horse racing is really my #1 passion so it's only natural that I'd be into Horse Racing fantasy games as well. The trouble is they are hard to come by and really the best online alternative is the TVG Fantasy game. It's not without its flaws but it's fun and I applaud TVG for running it.

This isn't a post to complain about the game itself but rather my last few weeks in the game.

You only get a limited number of trades for the whole season and I've tried to stay conservative with my trades. I've just been using one a week for the most part. And up until Travers weekend the plan was working beautifully. I moved into 11th place and had more trades left than any player above me. Then I completely forgot to add Street Sense to my stable, he was easy points and everyone and their mother had him. So I plummeted down the standings.

Now this week I decided to press my bets a little. I was going to play 2 G-1's and the Hopeful looked like a sitter with an expected short field. That left the Woodward and the Forego. Anyone who read my blog entry from Friday had to come away with the impression that I loved Midnight Lute in the Forego. He seemed like the safest best and yet for some reason I decided to outsmart everyone and take Wanderin Boy in the Woodward. Needless to say it was hardly a stroke of brilliance and I'm now languishing in 58th. I still have my trade advantage since the overall leader has just 1 trade left but they also have a 300 point advantage.

I've got to be choosy and accurate with my last few trades. The Street Sense and Midnight Lute gaffs have left me with a mountain to climb. Had I just done the obvious thing and taken them both I'd be in 18th.

Anyone else playing this game? Got any hard luck stories or better yet a legitimate chance to win it all?

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