Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TCR Accountability - Part 2

Turf Female
Precious Kitten - 214.52
Nashoba's Key - 196.30
Citronnade - 175.30
Lahudood - 168.38
Honey Ryder - 133.30

Some may disagree with this assessment but I think the TCR performed very well in this division. I'd likely put Lahudood in third instead of 4th but Precious Kitten and Nashoba's Key definitely had better overall seasons. They didn't win the big one but even if you look at the conditions on the day (and Precious Kitten's legitimate excuse) I'm not sure if the BC race was all that definitive. I prefer Precious Kitten to Nashoba's Key as well because she did basically all her running on Turf while Nashoba's Key's numbers were aided by more than a few Polytrack races. Precious Kitten might not be the main media choice but she was definitely the most accomplished Turf Female this season and this is where we see the real value of a point system. Not in confirming the obvious but giving just credit where it is due. A-

Turf Male
English Channel - 339.40
Kip Deville - 242.80
After Market - 225.70
Cloudy's Knight - 204.44
Lava Man - 203.22

English Channel in a romp over the rest of the division. Hard to argue with that. Lava Man sneaks into the top 5 over Nobiz Like Showbiz. Neither were dedicated Turf horses but both made at least 3 starts on the lawn so they get considered. The tough old warrior Cloudy's Knight had a career best season. Not enough for a championship but certainly enough to get an honorable mention. A+

Older Female
Ginger Punch - 291.38
Nashoba's Key - 196.30
Hystericalady - 183.50
Miss Shop - 143.74
Balance - 137.60

The stretch run of the BC Distaff was indeed a match up for top spot. Hystericalady might have been the #1 ranked Older Female had she been able to out duel Ginger Punch but class prevailed and I think Ginger Punch is appropriately spotted at the head of this division. Nashoba's Key is also included because of her Polytrack races. Balance made the top 5 on the strength of her opening half of the campaign. She earned just 36.40 points in the second half of the year but horses like Unbridled Belle (129.10) and Sugar Shake (119.18) just failed to do enough to reel her in. Sugar Shake may still pass her if she runs in December. Any ranking with Miss Shop in the top 5 looks suspect but she had an inconsistently good year. B+

Older Male
Lawyer Ron - 255.60
Invasor - 225.00
Midnight Lute - 213.90
Lava Man - 203.22
Student Council - 168.00

This was a very weak division as evidenced by Invasor's ability to stay in the top 5 after just a few starts. Midnight Lute could have taken top spot with a win in the Cigar Mile but once again the older horses were stymied by the 3yo's. Lawyer Ron ended up being the tepid best and right down to Student Council this list is uninspiring. Corinthian (153.30) fans may wonder why he is 7th but it was the same issue that was discussed in the Female Sprinter division. The BC Dirt Mile was not a championship race or even Graded at all so it didn't count for much points wise. B-

Curlin - 460.20
English Channel - 339.40
Street Sense - 311.08
Hard Spun - 292.08
Ginger Punch - 291.38

I think my favorite part of the TCR is the fact that all the divisions can be compared together and it comes out as an accurate reflection. The 3yo Males were definitely the most dominant group this year but standouts from the Turf Male and Older Female divisions managed to crack the top 5. 6 different divisions were represented in the Top 10 and two other division winners were 11th and 12th. All in all I think it was a great year for the TCR in terms of its accuracy. A few divisions were rough but a change to the undefeated bonus and hopefully some changes from the BC and AGSC should right those wrongs. I give it an A but I'd love to hear your thoughts on how accurate you think these standings have turned out to be.

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