Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Favorites

With Wait A While now retired the title of my official favorite horse is up for grabs. I don't often write about sentiment because on any given day I may choose to go against my favorites. Liking them doesn't make them good bets. But ultimately I feel that sentiment is what keeps many of us in the game. Losing streaks can sour anyone off of betting and injuries can quell the enjoyment of a race but old favorites keep drawing us back.

Here are some of my current favorites, I didn't list them in any particular order although I do think that Gio Ponti will take over as my official favorite.

Gio Ponti
Desert Key
Ginger Brew
Coronet of a Baron
Vineyard Haven
Grand Adventure
Livin Lovin
Gemswick Park
Dream Rush
Tin Cup Chalice


peeptoad said...

Bsharp is in the Playa Del Rey at Hollywood tomorrow (but you probably already knew that). How do you like her chances? I like Peppermint Lounge to step up in her first stakes attempt... :)

Sentiment may be the death of me in this sport; sometimes it affects my wagering, but of course when Black Seventeen won the Vosburgh at 26-1 I did NOT play him in the win spot (go figure).

Kennedy said...

Sadly I don't think it's the best spot for Bsharp. I'm just looking for a good solid effort. Hopefully she has retained her form. She is good enough to win, even at 6f but there are too many doubts to take a short price on. I can't let sentiment cloud judgment.

I'm actually mildly interested in Highland Torree in that race.