Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CJ Derby Data Gap

The Courier Journal has not made their Derby Data Track available this year and I think a few fans out there miss the access to information that it provided. It was a great resource. One of the things I used it for in past years was the closing fractions. I eventually built my own calculator because I wanted more information than the database would provide. Since people won't get a good look at the closing fractions unless they use Formulator I decided to post the calculations I've made.

Just a warning to anyone who may use these as a guideline. These were calculated without the benefit of 1/100th second data. All the raw data was rounded to the nearest 1/5th as you see in the PP's. These figures also use only the horses last 9f race. So you'll notice that Friesan Fire and Square Eddie are not included and that Advice's fractions were based off his performance in the Sunland Derby.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the closing figures! Do they mean that General Quarters(diclaimer: I have a substantial future wager on him) is being overlooked based on his final time and or Beyer figure?

Kennedy said...

No, it just means that he finished the last part of the Blue Grass pretty quickly.

If you do a study you'll find that closing fractions on synthetic tracks are faster on average.

Closing fractions only mean something to those that want to believe they mean something.

I personally look at averages and toss the slow horses, but I never use fast closing fractions as a reason to take a horse.

Superfecta said...

I'd asked last week why there was no C-J Derby Track - glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed its absence!