Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saratoga Diary - Aug 12

So the third week begins and I'm personally feeling a bit bullish about the week. We don't have an overwhelming number of stakes races on offer like we did in the first two weeks but we still have contentious fields that will prove to be very tricky to decipher.

I've got quite a few price horses on top today but I'm feeling quietly confident that one or two will come in. I think today may feature more than a few false favorites which creates chances for everyone.

We have a unique 2 mile race on the main track in the 4th today. The logical horse Lord Kipling just ran a marathon last week and was terrible. I'm hoping that a crazy horse, New Fandan can shock them all.

I had many horses that I wanted to play in the win spot for today but I had to refrain because realistically playing the win pool has not been a great thing for me. So here are a few of my plays for today.

Race #6
$1 exacta box - Quiet Alice/Beboblues Art/Kevazinga/Kaleigh Rose =$12
$1 trifecta box - Quiet Alice/Beboblues Art/Kevazinga/Kaleigh Rose =$24

Race #9
$1 exacta box - Minnie Punt/Scientist/Uncle T Seven =$6
$1 trifecta box - Minnie Punt/Scientist/Uncle T Seven =$6

Wagered - $48
Meet Balance = -$423.35 (-70.44%)

Despite my poor results thus far I'm going to keep on going after some bigger scores with the exacta's and trifecta's. I'm losing quite a bit so far this meet but one nice trifecta and I'm close to getting back in the game. The main issue is that I just need to start making good choices on which races to play.

I'm looking at a pair of grass races for today because I think they're contentious races and there could be some prices. I actually decided not to take any of those prices in race 9 because the top horses seem to stand above the rest but since the race looks confusing a lot of combinations may be underbet.

The weather looks great and no one should be disadvantaged by the course. Best of luck to everyone playing the Spa today!

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