Friday, October 23, 2009

The End Of The Hall

After having some time to think it through I have decided that Kennedy's Corridor has reached it's end. It was just over three years ago, in October of 2006, that I decided to start writing here. Racing was preparing for the Breeders' Cup just as it is today. I was eager to share my thoughts in a space dedicated to them. For the last three years I have sought to bring you informative and original content on this great sport of horse racing.

So why am I choosing to end things now right before the biggest day of the year? Basically I have decided that I no longer want a space dedicated to my opinion. In the beginning, despite the illusion of humility, I think I really wanted a chance to make a name for myself. I wanted to share ideas I had like the Thoroughbred Championship Rankings and the 20/20 systems. Things that were a bit different from what you could get at the mainstream sites.

After three years I think there are a few people in the niche community of online horse racing fans that recognize my name but I no longer consider that an achievement of any sort. I don't want to be a face or name in horse racing. I'm fully content to just be a fan of horse racing. It seems pointless to continue with something that is not directed towards a goal I consider to be valuable.

This doesn't mean I no longer like racing. I will still follow racing as a fan as I have always done. The Breeders' Cup is like a family holiday in my house but I will enjoy it no less because I don't have a blog. I fully enjoyed every Breeders' Cup prior to 2006 and I will continue to do so this year and for many more.

What of my standings? I created them with the intention of proving that it's possible for standings to be accurate and relevant in the sport of horse racing. I imagine that I'll continue to calculate them for my own benefit. It helps me follow racing as a fan.

I'm sure some people will wonder if I'm having some crisis of confidence or bout of depression. Nothing sinister is brewing below the surface. I simply had a revelation that in order to do this blog well (and I have always striven to do this well) I need to dedicate a lot of time to it and I don't think it's a beneficial use of my time. In the world away from this keyboard I have many things that keep me busy but all of them are geared towards more beneficial goals.

I have never been one for dramatic exits but I thought an explanation was due to those who visit this space on a regular basis. In the grand scheme of things our lives will be no worse off for the discontinuance of this space. I want more time to spend on the things that do count in the grand scheme.

Thanks for enjoying the sport along side me these past few years. It's been fun.


Handride said...

you have a great blog, it will always be here when you want to write again

sehaskin said...

I for one will miss your blog, as it is the only blog I read on a regular basis. In my opinion you have as strong a grasp on all aspects of this game as anyone, and you should be sharing your thoughts, your statistics, and your analyses on a professional level. You are that good. I've wanted to tell that to you, but you have no contact outlet, such as an e-mail address or Facebook link, and I wanted to contact you privately. I understand your frustration sharing your wealth of knowledge to such a limited audience. If you ever come up with an idea that you feel passionate about I will certainly do my best to get it published in the Blood-Horse or I wish you the best of luck in all your future racing endeavors. If you wish to contact me or keep in touch you can always reach me at

Your fan,
Steve Haskin

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed your blog very much.why not do 20/20 for the breeders cup one last time.

Anonymous said...

The truth ... I hate this decision.
I agree with Mr. Haskins and I read very few blogs. However I can't help but check yours several times a week.
I've learned much and wish I could continue to learn more from you.
I'm a stat guy ... and you give me information, data, and analysis I love to read.
But I'm not happy about losing this!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed all the time you spent on the blog. I looked forward to checking in every Monday and Friday.
You will be missed here, but I understand the time such an endeavor demands to meet your personal high standards. We all strive and accept no less than perfection.
Good luck. You and I thought along similar lines and more often than not we selected the same runners.
Your 20/20 was outstanding and innovative.
I will miss you.

Anonymous said...

I discovered your site before the 2008 Derby and have peeked-back regularly since. I've always been one of the 'foolish,' bet with my heart, kind of players who was more about having fun with racing than seriously making money, but always wanted to see how your knowledge and stats compared with what I liked.

I'm one of many who will miss your commentary, especially on racing's big days.

Thanks and best of luck!

Bill Weyland said...

Wow, high praise indeed from Mr. Haskin !! You, Mr. Kennedy will be missed. I feel you did a superb job week after week. Your blog also is the only one I would read on a regular basis. Best of luck in your future projcts!!

Jessica said...

Kennedy, your blog has been a source of intelligent handicapping and commentary these past three years; I'll miss your stats and insights. Best of luck, and hope to see you writing about racing again soon, if not here, then in another forum.

The_Knight_Sky said...

At the end of the hall...
thou shalt find another set of steps leading to the next floor up.

I'm sure that's one of the verses in Corinithians. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's been both fun and illuminating, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Hope to see you continue to comment at thoroughbredchampions.


Anonymous said...

That is indeed high praise from Dr. Haskin - an offer to publish your stuff in Bloodhorse! You deserve to get paid for your excellent work. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

You might consider "The Horseplayer Magazine". It frequently publishes articles from a wide variety of writers. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'll also miss your blog. As someone who is usually too lazy to crunch the numbers, I enjoyed your analytical approach and commentaries. Best of luck with your future endeavors. See you over at TBC.

Walt (Riff Raff)

race said...

Kennedy---Your blog was at the top of my "Favorites" on my email account. The last few years has been not only enjoyable but a lesson from one above the Border. I would handicap, and then read your thoughts alway's happier when we agreed, but more importantly looked forward to a fresh way of handicapping. I totaly realize the amount of work and time this endevour has taken, but winning all the time is not what Horse Racing is all about as you know. The cerebral part of anaylisis, is what makes this game that we enjoy differant from others. I do hope you take the suggestions of the readers on this page to take up Steve Haskins offer. I believe that the "Horseplayer" Magazine is another outlet for your talents---Believe me you do have a great deal of talent with regard to Horse Racing analysis--you have my respect and wish you all the best--Enjoy the Breeders Cup!!!-race

EquiSpace said...

Although I've rarely commented here, I always have read your stuff which is top notch. You'll be missed. Never say never.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss the blog and the 20/20 (which proved useful at the VA Derby this year). Good luck in your futur endeavors

Joel Ittner said...

Sorry to see you go...This page has been bookmarked on my system for 2 years, and I know Steven Crist even mentioned your blog from time to time - a great honor for those of us that aspire to be turf writers. It is, however, refreshing to know that we educated folks understand the humility involved in posting opinions and unregulated rhetoric. I just wish that the hipsters would realize that we don't want to read their diaries and mindless updates about their lives. What we, the fans, want is to read about a sport that has anemic mainstream coverage - something worthwhile about our passion. This is a surprising turn of events, and you did a great job...Too bad the Me generation won't be exercising the same set of values, and way too bad that we even have to hear about halftime tweets authored by some overpaid benchwarmer who cannot spell. Good luck to you - I'm sure Kennedy's Corridor will be picked up by the 5-dollar fishwrap (if you desire to continue in print).

Ryan said...

Your Keeneland insights have been impressive, you've exerted your class over the field.

Maybe a corridor is something that brings you from one place to the next, but I've enjoyed just hanging out in it.


Anonymous said...

I always felt a little smarter after reading Kennedy's analysis. Sad to see it come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see your blog go, but I understand your time demands. As a fan I would like to see you make a post before the Derby with your 20/20 system. It is the best analyis on the race out there. Your system has helped me cash some nice tickets on the first Saturday in May.

MitchG said...

Kennedy, I have alway been a big fan. It's a sad day.

mksprng said...

thanks for the great insight
mike aka abomb