Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saratoga 2008

It's Saratoga eve, one of my favorite days of the year. Saratoga is a summer long celebration of horse racing it reminds us about all that is right with this game. High quality animals are seen every day of the week. It's a micro model of what racing as a whole ought to be doing. Getting better by getting smaller. Less races and fewer racing dates mean higher quality, larger fields, they may even get the attention of the odd fan or two.

One sad note is that disputes between NYRA and OTB's seem to have resulted in the cessation of the live audio and the free race replays. This is a real slap in the face for fans who love to follow along but may not have the requisite television channels.

As I always do with Saratoga I'll be making picks for each race. Last year I had an abysmal 78 winners and failed to beat the win with straight win bets on each selection. I had beaten the meet in both 2006 and 2005 and I hope to return to that form. 96 winners is my best ever result using this format. I hope to top 100.

Instead of cluttering up the main body of this blog they'll be listed on the sidebar. Analysis of certain races will be available by clicking on the selection in the sidebar. I won't analyze every race in print but sometimes it's necessary even for my own decision making process. A full breakdown of my overall record will also be available.

I hope everyone enjoys the racing over the next six weeks!

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peeptoad said...

I think I'm going with Vineyard Haven in the Sanford...the price will come down on everyone with the scratch of the 6-5 M/L fav though.
Black Seventeen runs in the Vanderbilt on Saturday! ;) It's a major stretch, but I'd love to see Brian Koriner in the winner's circle on both coasts, two days in a row. Seventeen's task got easier with the defection of Fabulous Strike, but he still has his work cut out for him.
Good luck at the meet Kennedy!