Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Win And You Might Be In

Okay enough with the nonsense. The Breeders' Cup needs to decide how serious they're going to be with this Win And You're In gimmick. It's gets lots of mention in the press but it's confusing for someone who may not know much about racing to hear that this race guarantees the winner a spot in the championship event. But then after the race the announcers mention that the winner actually isn't eligible to compete in the championship.

They need to scrap this system or make it what it ought to be. A free pass for ANY winner of the designated races. There have been 27 Win And You're In events and 7 of the winners aren't nominated. That's a very significant percentage and it is to the Breeders' Cups benefit to see these horses in the starting gate. For some connections, like Rahy's Attorney's owners, they can't just afford to pay the nomination and all the travel costs to get the horse there. They're simple people but their horse has earned a shot. And whether or not he could win the Breeders' Cup race there is little doubt that his presence would make it a better race.

I think fans are tired of seeing so many things in racing that just don't make sense. Why can't we try to make racing easy to follow? Why can't we try to make the buildup to the Breeders' Cup the most exciting part of the year?

Win And You're In was and is an advertising gimmick. It's starting to become a bit of a false advertising gimmick. Win And You're In races could become hotly contested, full field affairs if a free nomination was given. Not only would it make the Breeders' Cup races better but it would make the prep races better too.

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