Friday, January 02, 2009

3rd Annual TCR Awards

The TCR Awards are a feature unique to this blog. The vision of the TCR awards is to give recognition to the horses whose on track accomplishments have merited special notice. We need your votes to help decide the rightful year-end champions.

TCR point standings have been updated all year long giving us a picture of every horse’s accomplishments in numerical form. For a more detailed look at how the TCR is calculated you may visit here. You can also view the complete standings from 2008 to 1999 as well as last years TCR Award results at this link.

Now is the chance for us, the fans of Thoroughbred racing, to vote on the horses that we feel were the most accomplished and thus the most deserving of year end recognition.

Voting is easy. Below you will find a list of the top TCR ranked horses in each division along with their point totals for the year. Simply take all 5 horses and rank them in the exact order of your preference. You may either post them as a comment, or send me your votes via personal email (

Please familiarize yourself with these horses and their accomplishments in 2008 prior to voting. Links to the DRF Past Performances for the contenders for each division can be found below.

You do not need to vote for all 11 awards. You can simply vote for one division if you wish. However in order to be valid a vote must include all 5 of the finalists ranked in the exact order of your preference. Voting will close at midnight Jan 25th and the results will be posted on Jan 26th.

Votes will account for 50% of the final total. The final 2008 TCR standings will account for the other 50% of the consideration. The award will be given to the horse that has the highest combined point total and votes received.

All award finalists have met the following criteria:
- The finalist must have made three starts minimum in America.
- The finalist must meet the age and gender requirements of the division to be eligible.
- The finalist must have won a graded stakes in current season.
- The finalist must have run three races within the division in order to be eligible for that division.
- The finalist must have finished in the top five in the TCR after the above filters have been applied.

Thank you for supporting this project!

Here are the 2008 Finalists and their respective TCR scores. The finalists will also be listed on the sidebar until the end of the voting period.

Past Performances
Main Track Older Male
Main Track Older Female
Turf Male
Turf Female
Male Sprinter
Female Sprinter
Three Year Old Male
Three Year Old Female
Two Year Old Male
Two Year Old Female

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the point total winners you have listed in all categories except, THREE YEAR-OLD FILLY, Proud Spell, TURF MALE, Grand Couturier, SPRINTER, Fabulous Strike.