Thursday, August 06, 2009

Saratoga Diary - Aug 6

I love the days when you don't need to fret over whether or not the weather is going to wipe out the card. The fields are run more or less in the form that you handicapped. I don't about other people but I tend to have looked over all the races and compiled short lists for each race at least a day before. A pile of scratches and changes in track condition wipe out all that preliminary work.

Yesterday was not the best of days for me. I'm finding it really hard to come up with winners but I'm optimistic that things will change a bit today. I've decided to start relying more on my own speed ratings. Had I followed them a bit more up to this point I'd be doing much better.

Race #3
$1 exacta box - Shoptate/Mister Triester/Cave's Valley/Spin Master =$12
$1 trifecta box - Shoptate/Mister Triester/Cave's Valley/Spin Master =$24

Race #4
$1 exacta box - Pluto/Budget/Four Star Bo =$6
$1 trifecta box - Pluto/Budget/Four Star Bo =$6

Race #9
$1 exacta box - City Sneakers/Strong Impact/Lyke a Hurricane =$6
$1 trifecta box - City Sneakers/Strong Impact/Lyke a Hurricane =$6

Wagered - $60
Meet Balance = -$292.70 (-84.84%)

I'm dabbling a bit with some trifecta's today because I'm hoping that speed will prove to be superior today. I'm going against Past the Point in Race 3 despite all the good form he's got. I think if we can get him out of the frame the payouts could be very nice indeed. Past the Point is definitely the best horse in the race but so was Riley Tucker on opening day. Past the Point is less a sprinter than router so I'm against the short price.

As a fan I'm really looking forward to seeing Driven by Success against Ferocious Fires. Both high quality horses with near flawless records at Saratoga. They're both G-1 placed horses and I sure hope they both show up and run their best.

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Anonymous said...

I am at the Spa everyday. In the third race, Shoptate looked toe-ey and washy leaving the paddock and Mister Triester looked cool as a cucumber, as did the winner Past the Point. I got off Shoptate in my trifecta and got on to Mister Triester for a 7-5-all paying $103..cost ten bucks. Five times the exacta would have paid $125 bucks. Nothing beats looking at the horses live and looking at the tote.