Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Saratoga 2007

Many of you may have noted that I will often refer to Saratoga as my favorite racing meet of the year. I love Saratoga and every year I have a ball trying to handicap as many races as I can.

This year I will be practicing my skills as a public handicapper, I will select one horse for every race and I will tally the results as the meet unfolds. Unlike the Keeneland spring meet where I posted every selection in the main body. My daily selections will be available on the sidebar beneath the TCR standings and a spreadsheet will all my selections and results will be available here and of course linked beneath my picks. These single selections will not count towards my handicapping total that is updated every monday in the weekend review. The selections should be up by noon of every race day.

My goals for this meet are to select 100 winners, show a flat bet win profit and have one day where I selected every winner on the card. I've never reached the 100 winner plateau, I have showed a flat bet profit for the meet though. Getting all the winners on a card is something I hope to accomplish sometime before I die and while the chances are slim I figure this summer is as a good a time as any.

As well during Saratoga I will look highlight many of the 2yo races. I will handicap and analyse them more in depth as I do with the stakes races every weekend. I will keep the bankroll seperate for the duration of the meet but the results of these races will be added to my overall bankroll in this blog which currently stands at -8.47%.

For those looking to follow along the DRF has a special Spa section and is an excellent source of information as is Equidaily which specializes in all things Saratoga.

Best of luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy the summer at Saratoga.

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