Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Review

Weekend Overview: With the markets going crazy, Saratoga and dabbling in some home renovations its hard to find the time to put together a coherent review of the stakes action this weekend but I'll give it a go.

Performance of the Week: Lawyer Ron is the obvious choice, he broke the Saratoga track record and won a contentious G-1 in fine style however I want to split the honours with Street Sense. I know his performance was far more workmanlike but one can't but be impressed at how he can accelerate so quickly. It's not exactly in the Nafzger modus operandi to win prep races so Street Sense may be doing much better than expected, now we wait for Curlin's retort.

Race of the Week: I follow Saratoga closely so for me the best race of the week had to be run there. Since I have a soft spot for Diabolical I shall give his Vanderbilt victory the two thumbs up. Attila's Storm is one of the fastest horses out there. He has been frail which is a shame but he tries all the way to the line and is possibly the most likely pacesetter in the BC Sprint this fall. For Diabolical to get the better of him is no mean feat, regardless of the odds.

Flop of the Weekend: Ermine has been near the top of the Older Female division ever since her win in the Apple Blossom. However since that race she's been a mess. She never lifted a hoof in her latest flop.

TCR Mover’s and Shakers: Street Sense has taken over the top spot in the 3yo division but only narrowly over Curlin who is set to run this weekend. Curlin may in fact become the top ranked horse in the nation with a win. Lawyer Ron burst onto the Older Horse scene with his powerful Whitney score. With Invasor out and Lava Man restricted to California he has a good a chance as anyone of being the top Older Horse this term. Diabolical moved to 4th in the Sprint division and My Typhoon shot up to second in the Female Turf division. Ginger Ounch stamped herself as possibly the best Older Female on the east coast but she is still only ranked third behind Nashoba's Key and Balance.

Tip O’the Cap: I don't much care for the chosen attire of Mrs Charlotte Weber but she is the model of classy ownership in my opinion. She buys and breeds high quality animals, puts them with trainers of good reputation and gives them a proper chance on the racetrack. Miesque's Approval last year was kept in training when he ought to have been retired and he rewarded her and the fans with a championship season. My Typhoon seems to be repeating the trick this year and all of this is due to the sporting nature of her owner.

KC Handicapping: It felt like a great opportunity missed when Greg's Gold went down by a head to In Summation in the Bing Crosby. The price was square and both favorites were vulnerable. I though well of In Summation but not well enough. None of the 7 horses I had selected this weekend finished out of the superfecta so it seems a shame only to clear $1.10 in profits. On the positive side though my Saratoga handicapping is going very well. At the time of writing I'm 1 for 5 on Monday but otherwise I've had 13 winners and am showing a 59.15% profit. Make sure to keep an eye on the sidebar for my daily selections and you can also see the full results here.

Cumulative record of selected horses: 7(4)-2-1-1 (+$1.10 +7.86% ROI)
Overall record: 325(136)-61-52-52 (-$52.80 -8.12% ROI)

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Anonymous said...

I followed KC's selections on My Typhoon and and Diabolical and was glad I did as My Typhoon salvaged my weekend with her win a a good price // as the saying goes, one always wishes they had put more on a winner // congrats to Kennedy's Corridor on the fine Saratoga meet thus far // I hope the markets settle down a bit and continued success to KC for the duration of the Saratoga meet // Other: i was thinking a bit about Lawyer Ron and really don't know what to make of the high beyers // my experience tells me that when a horse unexpectedly does well there are those that want to dismiss the effort and make excuses why as to why the figures was wrong; ie. faulty timing etc.// i recall Andrew Beyers himself dismissing his own assessment of War Emblem in the Illinois Derby where in fact the Man was right in the first place//// my view is to question it but admit to the fact that, a seasoned horse like Lawyer Ron just might have had a great run and deserves a lot of credit for his effort //// i see the latest NTRA poll took Better Talk Now out of the top 10 and brought English Channel into the top 10// i think if English Channel holds his form he could give anything the Euros bring over a good run for there money; it is likely they may bring their best anyway // well see // regarding the bits and pieces i am getting concerning the poly-tracks// i thought i had read that there was some concern about fibers getting into the horses lungs // since i assume that the dirt and dust from a dirt track made its way into a horse lungs, i was wondering about that and just what the informed opinion is about that in regard to synthetic fibers, and what is the risk of infection and disease ///// i have to say, after SS's run in the Jim Dandy, i am looking forward to see what Curlin has to offer // while not being a total speed handicapper, it did not pass my attention that AGS came up with a better beyers figure than SS // interesting to say the least // thanks// chicago gerry