Saturday, August 01, 2009

Forever Optimistic

I was really hoping to have something positive to report about today. Maybe a run of six winners or cashing on a 20/1 bomb but instead it was a largely disappointing day like the others have been. But I'll stick with the positives anyway. I cashed my first wager of the meet. A skinny $9.80 exacta in the second race. Thankfully Tigresco scratched out of the race to make it just a $4 exacta box. So at least for on that race I came out a winner and I'm now guaranteed not to lose 100% on my spot plays.

Another positive note is that I'm now 11-5-0-1 in grass races this meet. It's basically my only positive subset. Perhaps I should start using those grass races as my spot plays.

Kensei is way better than I thought he was. I'm not sure how far he stays but he looked quite nice in the Dandy. Forever Together barely outfought the tough challenger Carribean Sunset but the champ has still never lost a two turn turf race so you have to take her. Rutherienne should have stayed in Canada where she could win Graded Stakes uninhibited, she simply isn't going to beat Forever Together.

Speaking of horses that don't look like winning any races could Winchester have been any worse? He never ran a step against horses he ought to have handled. Terrible effort.

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