Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saratoga Diary - Aug 2

Sunday is a tough day for me to keep track of things going on in the racing world so I'll have to post my picks sight unseen. If rain decimates the card I'm pooched because I'm really relying on some nice grass races to carry the day for me.

Race #1
$10 W - Americas Dreaming

Race #2
$10 W - Forest Bell

Race #3
$10 W - Mythical Yarn

$1 Pick 3 (1/2/3)
Americas Dreaming/Strike the Bell/Dynaslew
Forest Bell/Kutais
Mythical Yarn =$6

Race #7
$10 W - Kip Deville

Race #8
$10 W - American Dance

Race #9
$2 exacta box - Godolphin Entry/Luna Vega =$4

Wagered - $60
Meet Balance = -$222.20 (-95.78%)

I'm going a bit heavier on Sunday but I expect that once the scratches come out I'll have lost at least a wager or two. I really like horses in the first three races and given the fact that it's an all turf Pick 3 I might as well have a tilt at it.

I'm sticking with some rather obvious plays in the stakes races but I am choosing to box Asmussen's Luna Vega with Godolphin's powerful entry. Asmussen has been hot and all Luna Vega needs to do is outrun Miss Isella and the bottom half of the exacta is as good as hers. I'm boxing it just in case we see something like the West Virginia Derby where the unthinkable horse splits the logical dangers. Asmussen is having that kind of run.

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